The Blackberry Classic Is A Noble Throwback To The QWERTY Era

It’s 2003. Outkast’s “Hey Ya” is personification on your Archos Jukebox as we take a sight into work in a nearby dark. At your hip is strapped a Blackberry 7200, one of a initial tone smartphones in a world. Your belt buzzes – it’s an email from your boss. You daub out a response yet thinking, your fingers shifting along a pointed keys like a jackdaw snapping during spilled grain, and go behind to nodding along with a music. A new day is initial and it’s a Blackberry universe and we’re usually vital in it.

“You consider you’ve got it/ Oh, we consider you’ve got it/ But got it usually don’t get it when there’s nothin’ during all.”

Fast forward. It’s a week until 2015. Blackberry is on a ropes. The bid to move Waterloo’s honour into this decade has mostly depressed flat. New devices, slabs of potion with touchscreen keyboards, order a day. And a Blackberry Classic is launched, a reversion to an epoch when keyboards had transport and cellphones were bold. If we give a new Blackberry Classic a few days you’ll learn to adore it as many as we desired a ancestors, approach behind when. But is ardour adequate to win a day?


  • 750×750 pixel 3.5-inch screen
  • 178 grams
  • Up to 128GB inner storage, 16GB internal
  • 22 hour battery life
  • MSRP: $450
  • Product info page


  • Excellent keyboard
  • Streamlined Blackberry OS


  • Small shade size
  • Limited app store


The Blackberry Classic has a confidant lines and vast keyboard informed to each BB user. Looking unequivocally many like a prototype a Bold 9900, a Classic is a unenlightened phone edged in steel and featuring a four-row keyboard, visual lane pad, and touchscreen. It has a rubberized, non-removable behind and a 22-hour battery that lasts about 20 hours in use and about 16 hours of complicated use. It’s a Blackberry so all we design this phone to be good during – email, texting, and bureau functions – are there and work intensely well. This isn’t a multimedia hulk or a big-screened phablet. It’s a QWERTY phone, usually like Dad used to use.

The Classic looks like a touchscreen device – something like a Nexus 5 or iPhone 5 – that sprouted a keyboard. The little buttons take adult a bottom apportionment of a face, withdrawal tiny room for a tangible touchscreen and it’s pardonable to form with one or dual hands on this device. In fact, we found my single-thumb typing skills were entrance behind to me as we worked with a Classic, a attainment of inventiveness that we have all yet mislaid interjection to inclination like a iPhone 6 Plus.

The buttons are a bit odd. A executive tip symbol controls a energy while dual incomparable buttons on a right side control volume. A executive button, between a volume buttons, brings adult a voice control complement called Blackberry Assistant that lets we send texts and emails and entrance several BB features. It’s as workable as any other voice control complement and allows for as seamless an knowledge as Siri or a Android voice control system.

The Good

Folks who have spent years divided from BlackBerry OS will be vacant how good a complement has grown and improved. BB10 is offers a series of engaging facilities including BB Blend, a complement that allows we to control your phone from your desktop. It also runs many Android apps and supports a Amazon App Store, a marketplace that facilities some yet not scarcely all vital renouned applications. Anyone conversant in iOS or Android will have tiny difficulty relocating by a Classic and fans of accurate control will adore a tiny visual touchpad symbol next a shade for picking out browser equipment and scrolling by emails.

This thing is a capability machine. All of a confidence enhancements and collection that Blackberry put in place to support a craving over a years are here and environment adult email is a two-step process. Everything critical to your day appears in a Blackberry Hub, a total amicable media and email listing, and many of a apps work usually glorious including a maps and crafty video modifying and print apps. The front and behind cameras are workable yet not extraordinary – fact gets cleared out in some scenes and a peep is too splendid – yet you’re not shopping this for a camera. In fact, a Classic doesn’t come in a non-camera version, an emanate that could diminish a use in secure enterprises installations.

The 1.3GHz Qualcomm 8960 processor runs all of a simple facilities unequivocally good yet bogs down in Android apps, something to be approaching of this comparison chip. Two GB of RAM keep things using uniformly nonetheless we competence feel a tiny close with a 16GB of on-board storage.

The Bad

There isn’t many sincerely unsuitable about this device solely for a little screen. While many web pages will describe usually fine, content complicated pages are abysmal. There are ways to wizz in and out and corkscrew around yet we will find yourself squinting and pang when accessing blog posts like this one. In an age when even a smallest content is entertaining on Android and iOS devices, little content on a Classic is usually awful. It’s frustrating.