OnePlus 5 & 5T Will Only Play HD Netflix If You Send It In For Service

Earlier we reported that several users have beheld that, when perplexing to watch HD calm on Netflix, an American party association by their flagship torpedo smartphones of a obvious Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, of course, we am articulate about OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5, a focus is incompetent to arrangement HD contents. However, now according to a latest reports, now if we wish to play HD Netflix on your OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T afterwards simply we have to send it to a OnePlus use centre.

OnePlus 5 5T Will Only Play HD Netflix If You Send It In For Service

Netflix has softened a streaming service, removing some-more and some-more peculiarity and simply expanding a support to some-more and some-more equipment. It’s not a candid process, though it solemnly gets some-more equipment, generally in a Android universe.

After several brands have announced support for streaming in HD, it’s time for a obvious Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus to do a same with a OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. Unfortunately, this does not come though a snag. As if we wish to refurbish your device afterwards keep in your mind that we have to take a device behind to a code simply to refurbish it.

The problems of OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T with Netflix HD streaming are not new. Since Dec final year we know that since of DRM problems, these equipments did not have entrance to these contents. It was not a singular problem for Netflix, though a law was that it prevented users from accessing it.

The resolution to OnePlus DRM problems

Now, roughly 3 months later, a resolution has arrived though bringing an upsetting conditions to users. Everyone who wants to entrance this functionality will have to send their apparatus to OnePlus for a program upgrade.

The reason for this lapse to a OnePlus home is a need to implement this refurbish on a scrupulously real PC. With this requirement, it becomes unfit for a refurbish to be sent around OTA to all devices, as a code routinely does.

The obvious Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is wakeful of a issues that this refurbish brings to users and assumes all a costs of transporting a apparatus to and from customers, though again with one condition.

The means of this OnePlus problem

The problem with HD calm on Netflix is that it is unfit for these inclination to be postulated a L1 WidevIne acceptance from Google, that is compulsory by Netflix for their HD content. The new refurbish can now accommodate these requirements.

This is not a normal magnitude and it brings some problems to users. As they will be deprived of their apparatus for some time, on a other hand, will broach their smartphones to a brand, substantially with their information present.

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