Bag Week 2018: Timbuk2’s Launch featherweight daypack is tough and tiny

If we need something small, lightweight and indestructible, Timbuk2’s Lightweight Launch Backpack ($129) competence be right adult your alley. The pack, assembled from famously tough Tyvek, can fit a 13″ laptop absolutely and copiousness else. At usually 18L, it sounds small, though due to a drawstring-top pattern and vast categorical compartment, it binds some-more than adequate to make it a organic all-purpose daypack for work or play.

The Launch’s graphic demeanour will be what creates adult many people’s minds about this pack. Beyond a drawstring pattern and this fun lemon-lime interior color, a Launch doesn’t have too many bells and whistles. Still, it checks critical boxes with a inclusion of things like a H2O bottle holder, a sternum tag and continue resistant build material.

If you’re a fan of tough lightweight packs, know that a Launch’s Tyvek element gives it some-more structure than many things done out of this kind of material. That’s both a good and bad thing: some-more structure is good so your container doesn’t only fall into a tiny pile, though since a Tyvek lacks any widen whatsoever both a front slot and a tip cell that sits on tip of a categorical partial of a container can be a tiny wily to puncture things in and out of.

Happily, a Launch binds a laptop unequivocally well, interjection to a padded cell permitted around a full-length side zipper — always a best approach to entrance a laptop in a backpack! The laptop area is a good hold for such a lightweight container and creates Timbuk2’s Launch a unique, super-light laptop container for bland use, so prolonged as you’re not carrying too much.

If you’re a longtime Timbuk2 fan know that a container both looks and feels opposite from many of Timbuk2’s classical designs, and unfortunately doesn’t come in a bright, witty tri-color demeanour that some of a classical messengers do. Still, if you’re into some-more natural, resigned tones and unequivocally don’t wish your day-to-day container to import we down unnecessarily, Timbuk2’s Launch is totally value a look.

What it is: A tiny though not too tiny Tyvek daypack that carries a laptop well.

What it isn’t: A Timbuk2 pattern that you’re used to.

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