Bag Week 2018: Chrome’s Niko Hold secures compress camera rigging in a neat package

Most camera bags prioritize duty over form, that creates clarity for safeguarding some of your many costly gear, though it’s still a bummer. If you’re both unsentimental and meddlesome in cultivating cool, detached photographer vibes instead of dorky ones, Chrome’s Niko lineup of camera bags is really value a look.

Chrome’s Niko Hold ($60, Chrome Industries) is a company’s smallest camera bag, though if you’re looking for something incomparable a Niko Messenger and a Niko F-Stop trek share a sensibilities with a incomparable form factor. The Niko Hold fits a flattering specific niche, though given a mountainous recognition of small-bodied mirrorless full support cameras and increasingly absolute compress cameras, it’s a flattering far-reaching one.

With a volume of 7 liters, a Niko Hold won’t lift a full-size DSLR or large wizz lenses good though it’s a good fit for a smaller setup. I used to lift a aged chronicle of a Niko backpack, though these days it’s customarily too most box for my cameras and I’ve been looking for something tough that’s a some-more suitable distance though doesn’t demeanour like it came from a clearway territory during Best Buy.

To exam a Niko Hold, we carried this for a week of off-and-on eventuality photography nearby Los Angeles, both bound sharpened on stages and some-more vehement outside shooting. The bag is neat and solid, with a really structured rectilinear vibe that looks and feels veteran though being boring. we felt assured that my apparatus would be protected if a continue unexpected turned, though this container is some-more H2O resistant than entirely waterproof, though you’d substantially have a special housing for impassioned continue needs anyway. There are copiousness of resources we fire in that would be a bad fit for this camera bag though for eventuality and travel photography it valid ideal. Obviously, we shouldn’t take a Niko Hold on a backpacking or climbing trip, it’s most some-more of an civic bag than one designed for a outdoors.

To be clear, a Niko Hold isn’t good for quick access, though it worked good for my sharpened needs that were mostly carrying my camera, lenses and accessories to and from a plcae securely. The Niko Hold’s seam-sealed zipper isn’t quick for removing things in and out, though if I’m prepared to fire my camera would be on my hip anyway. Of course, that won’t always be a case, though there are copiousness of other designs with faster entrance in mind, including a Niko Messenger.

Within a Niko Hold, dual dividers offer a tiny customizable organization, while there are customarily adequate zippered pockets for stashing SD cards and other tiny accessories, like a phone and wallet if it’s a customarily bag you’re carrying.

The Niko Hold is small, though it can accommodate copiousness of compress gear. In my time contrast it, a Niko Hold carried my Sony A7S II body, an 18-200mm lens, all of a required chargers, SD cards and additional batteries and infrequently even a backup Sony RX 100 II. Its all-black 1050d ballistic nylon construction meant that a bag looked and felt like a tiny set of armor for my gear, that was ideal. More than anything, this camera bag feels cosy and secure.

Small camera cases are customarily dictated for infrequent photographers, though this felt like pro turn insurance and thoughtfulness, that was lovely for a veteran photographer who has downsized my rigging over a years. If you’ve converted to camera apparatus on a smaller side, carrying your things in Chrome’s Niko Hold will give both your rigging and your sharpened character a honour it deserves. Finally.

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