Amazon’s Fire HD 7 Is A Low-Priced Tablet For The Avid Reader

The Fire HD 7 is a latest in a long-running Fire line of LCD ereaders. Amazon has taken good heedfulness to make this new indication lighter, smaller, and some-more strong and, for my money, I’d contend that this $139 reader is a best dedicated reader on a market, exclusive a e-ink Kindle line. Let’s demeanour underneath a hood.


  • 7 in. 216 ppi 1280×800 pixel display
  • 11.9 ounces
  • Up to 16GB inner storage
  • Eight Hour Battery Life
  • MSRP: $139
  • Product info page


  • Solid entry-level e-reader
  • Beautiful screen


  • Not many opposite from a prior generation
  • No constrained reason to upgrade


Meet a new Fire, (almost) a same as a aged Fire. Amazon has upped a shade distance somewhat on their entry-level inscription product and now offers some crafty colors for a kids and those who are sleepy of plain aged black. The pink, with that we were graced, looks like something true out of a 1980s and a splendid yellow box they enclosed finished it demeanour like Crockett and Tubbs substantially review Bonfire Of The Vanities on this thing.

This is, to be clear, a customary tablet. It has a good screen, it has Amazon’s singular support and calm apps, and it runs a series of Android apps including capability tools. But it’s not utterly on a slicing corner in terms of productivity. we adore this as a reader, we adore it reduction as a tablet.

Does that obviate we from deliberation this as a initial inscription for an entry-level or fresh user? Absolutely not. Amazon does a good pursuit of formulating a elementary and unequivocally serviceable knowledge and there is a reason they’ve cornered a reader market: they know accurately how to do it though skimping on support or quality. None of a facilities are quite important – a Silk browser works fine, a camera is usable, a information government and email collection are only glorious – though they all work good together well. It’s a inscription that “just works” and interjection to a specifically skinned Android it “just works” unequivocally well.


The new Fire runs Fire OS 4.0, code-named Sangria. What does this mean? It means somewhat snappier performance, softened app control, and some softened formation with X-Ray for observation in-book calm and Goodreads for pity your reading habits. It’s a good ascent and should seem on comparison Fires (where supported) in a subsequent few weeks.

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  3. IMG_4701

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  5. IMG_4712

  6. IMG_4716

The new OS is formed on Android KitKat and also includes softened streaming facilities and “Prediction,” a complement that predicts that TV and cinema we wish to watch next. It also improves battery life nonetheless 8 hours of consistent use is flattering many a norm.

While Amazon likes to speak adult a capability features, generally in a Fire HDX line, we doubt we will get many work finished on this thing. As a media tide and reader, however, it is excellent, and a $139 cost creates it a steal. Considering a Nexus 7 still costs $199 if you’re looking for a skinny and light inscription with extraordinary support and only adequate facilities to keep we busy, this is a one to get. If you’re looking for a pristine Android experience, a Galaxy Tab competence be a softened fit.

Bottom Line

The dedicated e-reader is an involved species. While we still feel a customary e-ink Kindle is a best apparatus for reading, users are seeking for some-more and they are, in droves, branch to their phones to get it. Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus are both inclination directed precisely during a smaller inscription marketplace and, as a new phablet user, we am ripped constantly between a bigger shade and a preference of not carrying and charging an wholly apart device.

That said, this is a good reading device. You can buy it for roughly anyone – a kid, a grandma, a father – and concede Amazon to support them remotely. It creates reading and observation video unequivocally easy and it has a series of engaging song features. Be warned: we will be trapped precisely in Amazon’s walled garden and, while that competence not worry most, it could be unnerving to some. The inscription is scarcely obsolete though an Amazon comment and we don’t consider you’d ever wish to use it though one.

This is a good Christmas present for a reader who wants to pierce from paper to pixels. It’s not a good tablet, though it’s another good e-reader from Amazon.

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